The official rules and server offences of Superior Gaming Roleplay ( Updated)

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The official rules and server offences of Superior Gaming Roleplay ( Updated)

Post by Romano on Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:06 am

Here are the correct server offences for broken rules every admin/player/helper SHOULD read.

Death matching/DM - currently is a big problem, so you should do the following​

Prison the person for 30 minutes using the /DM command, No appealing, if you have proof of his DM or anything a player cannot appeal his prison time.

if you cannot do it....ask a Head Admin plus to set the weapon restriction UPTO 8 hours, the decision is yours BUT do not play like god.​

KOS/Killing on Sight - Killing on sight is ALLOWED for gang members as long as the roleplay is made correctly, if you spot somebody who isn't a gang member and he is KOSing you should do the following:​

Prison the user for 30 - 50 minutes depending on the situation and how long and how many people they have been KOSing, it is your choice how long you prison them for but do not push for maximum punishment.​

RK - Revenge Killing - Revenge killing is only allowed when it comes to points for gangs/factions which are OOC, if you spot a user revenge killing you should instantly prison them and NO APPEALS are allowed, if caught releasing to 'appeal' your admin powers could be removed depending on how many times you have done it.

here is the following, what you should do:

Prison user for 20 - 40 minutes, again depends on the situation and do not push for maximum punishment.

PG/Powergaming - powergaming is happening quite a lot in this server and should be stopped straight away, with every rule and punishment comes responsibility, do not push for maximum punishment like I have mentioned before, here is what you should do:​

Prison user for 25 - 35 minutes, depending on the situation user can appeal the prison BUT he cannot be released, if a player has appealed the prison time, you can adjust it down to 10 minutes, anything lower and caught doing it, you will be warned and user will be prisoned back to the original time you have firstly chosen.

MG/MetaGaming - Metagaming is wrongly enforced in this server and it needs to change, instead of prisoning you should do the exact following:​

First encounter of metagaming you should fine the user $1,500.00 this is over /ad or in character​
Second encounter of metagaming, you should fine the user $3,000,00 this is over /ad or in character​
Third encounter of metagaming you should fine the user $5,000,00, this is over /ad or in character, you should also issue a /warn'ing for MGing 3 times.​
Fourth encounter of metagaming, you should issue a 10-15 minute prison time to avoid 3 warnings of metagaming.​

Non RP behaviour - Acting in a manner that is deemed unrealistic or non-roleplay, including (but not limited to): Improper usage of toys, ramming your vehicle into a player/object excessively, car surfing, etc, this is the following what you should do:​

first waning should always be a /slap when you see people doing non rp things like listed below​
second warning will be a fine of $3,000 for ignoring non rp warnings issued by admins​
if the user is still acting in a non rp way you should issue a prison straight away, no appeal allowed, and the time for the prison is 30 - 45 minutes for ignoring 3 warnings.​
Robbing the players - A “robbery” is defined as any scenario in which one or more players targets another (group of) player(s) as a means to maliciously obtain something. the robber and the person both must be above level 3 to be able to roleplay a robbery, if a robber or the player is level 1 or 2 the robber will be punished for not following the rules. the robberies cannot happen in the police station, at pershing square or anywhere close to all saints. the robber cannot rob the same person more than once in the space of 3 hours, the max amount a robber can steal is $25,000, anything over that will result in the robber being prisoned for exceeding the rob limit..​

If caught abusing the robbery rule, the admin should instantly prison the user for 30 - 45 for not following the rules and the person will get his money refunded, if you cannot do it ask a higher admin, if you cannot do it please /flag the user and let a higher admin know once they have logged in.​

Scamming - Scamming is allowed in this server but you need to make sure they do not exceed the scamming limit otherwise the user can be banned for scamming more than the allowed limit. the maximum scamming limit a person can scam for is $100,000, if a user is reported for scamming more than that then you need to request proof and hand it to head admins or higher, once reviewed and if the proof is genuine a user will be banned for 72 hours, here is what an admin should do:​

If a person is caught exceeding the scam limit first time admins should instantly prison the person for 40 - 60 minutes if the proof is genuine, the user can appeal the prison time and the user will be able to get the time adjusted down to 15 minutes.​
The second time the user is caught exceeding the scam limit? user will be banned by an administrator for 72 hours for ignoring the scam limit rules.​
LTA/Logging to Avoid - Logging to avoid should NEVER be used, no matter what, we admins get warnings when you leave the game in a gun fight, if you are caught leaving to avoid you will be prisoned and you will not be able to appeal the jail/prison time. here is what an administrator can issue you:​

Logging to avoid is an instant prison/jail offence which means when you see it or get passed proof you will issue a jail time of 20 - 40 minutes, no appeal allowed.​
OOC Contracting -
Placing a contract on another player with an out of character reason, without knowing their name, or with little to no roleplay reason. the following will be issued to the rulebreaker:​

First time the user is caught OOC contracting an admin will issue a fine of $5000 for OOC contracting and a verbal warning will be issued too​
The second time the user is caught OOC contracting the user will be fined $10000 and a /warn will be issued, so make sure you do not abuse /contract​
The third time you are caught contracting with an OOC reason an admin will issue you a 30 - 40 minute ​
jail/prison time for ignoring the 2 warnings before.​


Offenses Against Admin Related Issues
Providing a False Statement Knowingly providing a false statement to an administrator to avoid prison time or punishment. punishment from an admin:

User who has given you false statements or accusations will be prisoned for 60 minutes for lying to an administrator and wasting their time, we have a duty of care to the players and have no time to mess around looking for false truth and investigating.​
Offenses against the server

Receiving unlawful goods - Knowingly possessing and failing to immediately report any goods received through illegitimate methods (hacks, exploits, etc.). the correct punishment will be:​

User who has been caught receiving unlawful items by hacking or exploiting will issue an instant ban and the user can later appeal his ban and provide an explanation why they did what they did.​
Exploiting -
The use of any method that allows you to gain an unfair advantage, circumvent punishments, or bypass the script. This includes Gun Discharge Exploits, Chicken Running (running in unrealistic zig-zag patterns in order to avoid gunshots), entering locked/restricted doors/gates while being chased, etc, the following punishment will be given by an administrator:​

user will be permanently banned from the server for exploiting to gain benefits, admins in game will use the command /permaban but before you do check with head admins or higher.​

Server Advertising -
Attempting to sway other players into playing on another server by way of providing connection details. the following punishment will be given by an administrator​

user who will be caught giving connection details to steal the players will be rangebanned forever and will never be unbanned.​
Ban evading
Attempting to circumvent any active account ban, the following punishment will come from admins​

User who is caught ban evading will be permanently banned and will not be unbanned for 30 days.​
Hacking in the server
The use of any third party method which gives you an unfair advantage. Any cosmetic mod that edits the appearance of an in-game feature may be allowed, again, as long as it has no unfair advantage, the following punishment will come from an administrator.​

Users who are caught hacking will be banned and given 7 days ban, after 7 days a ban appealer will be allowed to lift the ban and you may join the server again. if caught hacking again, admins are allowed to /permaban you for ignoring the first ban issued.​
Money Farming
Any process that involves using more than one account to harvest money. the following punishment will come from the admin team if you are caught money farming.​

Users who are caught money farming will be fined 100% of their total wealth and banned for money farming.​
Releasing hitman names

Releasing a hitman's name OOCly, or releasing a hitman name ICly (unless you have material proof (screenshots, etc) that you got the hitman's name ICly). the following punishment will follow​

the following users who release hitman names will receive 3 hours prison time and you will be fined 2% of your total wealth, this will teach you to keep the hitman agency protected and secret. if the user does it again, he/she will be banned and 100% total wealth will be fined for ignoring the first warning.​

Toxic behaviour towards players/helpers/admins
Any action (or suggestion/threat) that compromises the cybersecurity of a community member or community service (Denial of service, Doxing, Malicious software/links, etc.).
The act of presenting toxic behavior towards any person or towards the community. This includes but is not limited to insulting other people or the views that they share, and off-topic posting to share negative comments/opinions. the following punishment will follow.​

Users who break this rule will be banned for 5 days and they have a right to make a ban appeal.​
Car Ramming
the use of a vehicle to ram and kill players in the game is not allowed, if you are caught you will be instantly prisoned by an administrator, no appeal allowed.​

user who is caught will be prisoned for 20 - 40 minutes depending on the situation and at the time.​

Any users who have a problem with these rules can simply keep their opinion to them selves, I do not wanna hear any moaning or any fake reports of admins abusing, if you have proof please use the forums to complain on administrators, if you wish for a rule to be added please forum PM me and I will edit the rules, the players make the server not the admins, REMEMBER: we cannot do anything without proof. so you need to collect evidence and provide proof, thank you.
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