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You are expected to know these rules. If a rule is changed/added/removed, you are also expected to stay updated with it. Faction leaders are expected to ensure their faction is kept up to date on the rules.

NOTICE: These rules are a supplement and do not replace server rules. You are subject to the server rules and their punishments in addition to these rules. Any rule(s) you violate here will get you punished in accordance to the standard punishments prescribed by the server rules.

You’re a faction moderator, NOT a leader. You are there to overlook and supervise the running of the faction, nothing else.
Each faction is allowed to have one faction moderator.
A faction moderator is responsible for their own faction only. At no point are moderators permitted to interfere with other factions, they must instead contact the respective faction moderator, or the faction director(s).
Moderators should not be in other factions at all, unless they have permission from the faction moderator of the faction they are in.
Players are not the ones to pick someone as their faction moderator, however they are allowed to request a new one if they have a reason to do so. Moderators will be appointed by the faction directors. Any issues with faction moderators must be forwarded to the faction directors.
Moderators are not allowed to interfere in IC situations unless it is needed/requested.
Moderators are not allowed to invite anyone into their moderated faction unless the division which recruits members into the faction has tested and accepted them. (moderators should request to see the application/proof of an interview occuring, before inviting the player)
Admins cannot give a faction restricted skin to players, unless they have a genuine reason to have the skin and have obtained the skin realistically (proof must be provided, e.g. SSs of obtaining a soldier's uniform).
Moderators are not allowed to promote players in factions at all (unless requested by the leader of the moderated faction), the player must be promoted realistically and in a roleplay manner.
Faction-Wide General Rules

A player cannot have leadership over two different factions at once. (this counts across accounts, and also counts for co-leader of factions [R5/R7]).
Players must never be invited into a faction unless the normal invitation procedure is followed (roleplay must occur prior to the invite being offered).
Players cannot be invited to a faction without an application unless the Faction Director(s) have granted permission beforehand. 
Don't hire, fire/suspend or promote/demote anyone without any roleplay involvement, unless the person has broken OOC rules and must therefore be dealt with in an OOC fashion.
Players can be reinstated to a maximum rank of rank 1. If the player cannot reinstate, they must join the faction as a rank 0. Faction moderator’s permission is required to break this rule, however a legitimate reason is required.
Rank skipping is not allowed, meaning faction members must proceed through the ranks properly. Faction moderator’s permission is required to break this rule, however a legitimate reason is required.
Promotion systems should be followed. This means that a player should not be receiving promotions easily or for no reason.
Faction Hopping is not allowed. You must wait a minimum of 5 days before applying to another/the same faction (the 5 days begin AFTER LEAVING the faction). This rule does not apply to faction members transferring to the FBI from other LEO departments (SAPD ). 
Faction tool abuse will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Specific examples include abusing tazers, radios, cuffs etc - every faction has its own form of tool abuse, you should be made aware of this.
Broadcast commands (/gov) must be used only for their IC intended purpose. Trolling in any form will not be tolerated, and will be treated as Non-RP behaviour.
Selling, buying or giving factions/faction ranks is forbidden (IC or OOC).
You are not allowed to force someone to leave their faction, unless the high command of the same faction does it himself. However, the FBI NSB are exempt to this rule if the following rule applies
IC Faction Information

The following information is IC only. This is a short section to describe briefly how factions are ICly expected to interact with each other. Whilst you will never be prisoned OOCly for breaking any of the following guidelines, they will almost definitely land you in IC trouble if you're caught:

Factions must respect each other and they are not allowed to act in a way that would cause significant harm to another faction. If a faction uses another faction's facilities then they are not allowed to impede the faction that owns the facility or to play around in the facility.

All factions must be mostly independent. The SAPD are responsible for taking charge over most criminal situations. Sector 9, the Department of Homeland Security branch specific to San Andreas, is the only faction that can punish members from other factions. No faction can promote/hire/appoint members in a different faction. 

Jurisdiction over various areas are as follows
Faction-Specific Rules

The following rules are the set OOC rules for factions. Understand that there may be rules missing from here that exist in another section. Please ask your faction leader/moderator to clarify any rules you are unsure of.

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San Andreas Police Department
The SAPD has authority over all civilians in the state of San Andreas as they're a state agency.
The SAPD are permitted to patrol, and have authority over the entire map, excluding the red and yellow zone. Permission is required to enter these zones.
The SAPD cannot fire other faction members even if they have committed a crime, they must use the corruption report form to report to Sector 9.
See the Faction-Wide Roleplay Rules regarding recording equipment, as they are mainly directed at the FBI.
The IA Departmental Strike List can be found in the Faction-Wide Information section.
The SAPD has a cap of 65 members. If the roster exceeds or meets 65,
recruitment must be closed.
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San Andreas Fire Department

FMD is a State Agency.
FMD has authority only in medical situations.
FMD has full authority over security of their events and LEO factions must provide security for these events if they're available.
Firearms are only to be used for self-defence.
FMD has to roleplay reviving players, they cannot just use the commands.
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San Andreas Government
The SAG has authority to all states and below while it's faction itself is State Agency.
They are allowed to create, remove and edit laws.
They have the full authority over LEO factions during Government-held events, such as tax refunds, racers & other events
The Government must fund the factions fairly (no corruption is allowed in relation to paying factions, nor is stealing from the treasury through faction payments allowed).
The Government cannot order other factions to fire, hire, promote, demote or to suspend people.
The Government cannot force other factions to give them the usergroup access, they can ask.
The Government cannot order an LEO to add charges on someone without showing concrete evidence.
The Government cannot run crime scenes or training but they can set up an operation for the state agencies and below.
Firearms are only allowed to be used for defense (the Government is not an LEO faction, admins can punish government members for acting unrealistically with their supplies (for example, showing up at a crime scene and pulling your gun out, involving yourself as an LEO).
If a part of the Government's forum section refers to a specific law for IC use, the law must be stated somewhere else in the section. (this does not include general laws like punishment for committing a crime etc).
If a relevant faction moderator sees an issue with an IC bill, they may intervene with its implementation for OOC reasons, if necessary (i.e. unrealistic, doesn't mesh well with the faction dynamics/SARP playstyle etc).
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Hitman Agency
Hitmen use fake LEO badges that can not be seen as a fake badge, or distinguished from a legitimate badge, even by a law enforcement officer.
Any OOC attempt to reveal a hitman is not allowed. This includes using /members (this is an OOC command anyway), /or or other OOC means. Stating over /or that someone is obviously a hitman because they aren’t responding in either the IC or OOC radio will be classed as MG.
Hitmen can force-CK if they are able to catch a player who is investigating them, however they must have valid evidence to prove this investigation. The HA and FBI moderators/faction director must approve this force CK beforehand.
If a knife or C4/bomb is found on a hitmen through frisking or other means, players cannot instantly assume affiliation with the Hitman Agency. They can however treat them realistically (possibly as a terrorist).
HA members will now be restricted on their ability to join factions:

A faction can only have 2 hitmen in at one time, except SAPD which can have 5.
Only an Elite Agent (R4) and above can be a member of the FBI.
A faction cannot have pure hitman leadership (the R5/7 and R6/8 roles in a faction cannot both be filled with hitmen).
The leaders of the Hitman Agency cannot be high command in another faction (up to R3 in 6-rank factions, up to R4 in 8-rank factions).

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