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Server Rules & Offenses

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Server Offenses

Offenses Against Persons
DM/DeathMatching Attacking a player in any way without a proper in character reason.
Prison 1-2 Hours
Up to 16 hours of Weapon Restriction
Fine 15% of total wealth (No less than $50,000)
KOS/Killing on Sight Attacking a player in any way with little (Ex: just doing "/me shoots Name")/insufficient/no roleplay. Even if you have RP reason to attack the player, if you do not roleplay sufficiently, you can be punished. (Binds are not sufficient).
Roleplay is only expected if a reasonable person would believe that you have sufficient time to roleplay without being harmed.
Prison 1-2 Hours
Up to 12 hours of Weapon Restriction
Fine 10% of total wealth (No less than $50,000)
RK/Revenge Kill Killing another player because they killed you. When you die, you lose memory of all events leading up to your death. Once killed in an on-going situation, players may not return until 30 minutes have passed, unless returning to their HQ.
Prison 1-2 Hours
Up to 8 hours of Weapon Restriction
Fine 10% of total wealth (No less than $50,000)
PG/PowerGaming The act of:
Forcing roleplay that impacts a player directly
Any action directed at a player (that could be reasonably prevented) requires a /do unless the player agrees otherwise. Any action not directed directly at a player does not require a /do if the roleplay is physically possible. If the opposing parties wish to interject they can do so via /me or /do.
Eg. A civilian is sitting in his car pulled over on the side of the road and a police officer uses a crowbar to pry open the trunk. A /do is not required by the officer because the player is not in a position to interject. If the civilian wishes to interject they must do so on their own.
Eg. A person is able to, within the rules, shoot their victim. They type out the /me and roleplay properly. In this case, the shooter does not need to use a /do to ask if shooting the victim is possible, since the firing of the bullets can not be reasonably prevented.
Roleplaying with impossible god-like/superhero abilities, or the use of impossible futuristic technologies.
Prison 1 Hours
Fine 10% of total wealth (No less than $50,000)
MG/MetaGaming Using Out Of character (OOC) information In Character (IC), including acting on OOC knowledge of IC events, mixing Out of Character and In Character chats, or using abbreviations/acronyms (lol, wtf) as In Character speech.
Prison 1 Hour
Non-RP Behavior Acting in a manner that is deemed unrealistic or non-roleplay, including (but not limited to): Improper usage of toys, ramming your vehicle into a player/object excessively, car surfing, etc.
Prison 1 Hour
Warn (if necessary)
Fine 10% of total wealth (No less than $50,000)
"Robbing" A “robbery” is defined as any scenario in which one or more players targets another (group of) player(s) as a means to maliciously obtain something.
The robber and the person being robbed must be Level 5 or above.
Robberies may not be initiated at police stations, Pershing Square, or any hospital.
Robberies used as an excuse to kill people will not be tolerated. If the victim is compliant, they may not be killed.
You and/or your party may not rob the same person more than once per hour.
Players may not be robbed for currency or scripted assets valued above $200,000 (street price).
Prison 1 Hour
Double fine the amount robbed
Scamming Scamming or attempting to scam any player for an amount of more than $200,000. This includes (but is not limited to) materials and other products. Please view the scam complaint supplementary policy here.
Prison 1 Hour (If under $800,000)
Warn (If under $800,000)
Ban (If over $800,000)
Fined 4x the amount scammed
Alt-Tabbing to Avoid Pausing your game to avoid roleplay, death, or harm.
Prison 1 Hour
Logging/Use of /kill to Avoid Disconnecting from the server to avoid roleplay/death or using the “/kill” command to avoid roleplay.
Prison 1-2 Hour
Fine 10% of total wealth (No less than $50,000)
Healing in an Action Scenario The use of any healing method during an action scenario (ie. Gun Fight), or the premeditated use of first aid kits before any action scenario.
Prison 1-2 Hours
Fine 10% of total wealth (No less than $50,000)
Spam Sending the same line of text 4+ times in a short period of time
Temporary Mute (if necessary)
Warn if repeated
OOC Contract Placing a contract on another player with an out of character reason, without knowing their name, or with little to no roleplay reason.
Prison 1 Hour
Fine 4x Hit Amount
Impersonation Deliberately: impersonating another member of the community, defined as intentionally making others believe that you are another person.
Fine 50% of Wealth
Offenses Against Admin Related Issues
Providing a False Statement Knowingly providing a false statement to an administrator.
Prison 1-3 Hours
Fine up to 20% of Money (No less than $50,000)
Ban (if necessary)
Offenses Against the Server
Exchanging OOC items for IC items Exchanging OOC items for IC items and vice versa (IC/OOC money for IC/OOC items, selling accounts, etc). In game exchanges for Multimedia designs are permitted.
Fine 100% of total wealth
Receiving Unlawful Goods Knowingly possessing and failing to immediately report any goods received through illegitimate methods (hacks, exploits, etc.).
Exploiting The use of any method that allows you to gain an unfair advantage, circumvent punishments, or bypass the script. This includes Gun Discharge Exploits, Chicken Running (running in unrealistic zig-zag patterns in order to avoid gunshots), entering locked/restricted doors/gates while being chased, etc.
Prison 1-2 Hours
Server Advertising Attempting to sway other players into playing on another server by way of providing connection details.
Fine 50% of total wealth
Ban Evading : Attempting to circumvent any active account ban
Ban (150% of original ban length)
Fine 25% of total wealth
Hacking The use of any third party method which gives you an unfair advantage. Any cosmetic mod that edits the appearance of an in-game feature may be allowed, again, as long as it has no unfair advantage. For clarification of approved modifications, click here.
Fine 75% of Money
Failure to Report Having knowledge of and failing to immediately report a hacker, ban evader, or exploiter.
Money Farming : Any process that involves using more than one account to harvest money.
Fine 100% of Money
Abuse of /newb(ie) Using newbie chat for purposes other than server related questions and answers.
Muted from chat, will face progressive punishment including a fine and/or other punishment
Abuse of /ad(vertisement) Placing an advertisement for anything other than a legitimate In Character purpose.
Muted from chat, will face progressive punishment including a fine and/or other punishment
Abuse of {/v} Violating any of the VIP Chat Offenses.
Muted from VIP chat
Prison 30 Minutes (if necessary)
Releasing Hitman Names Releasing a hitman's name OOCly, or releasing a hitman name ICly (unless you have material proof (screenshots, etc) that you got the hitman's name ICly).
Prison 1-3 Hours
Fine 50% of total wealth (No less than $50,000)
Malicious Activity Any action (or suggestion/threat) that compromises the cybersecurity of a community member or community service (Denial of service, Doxing, Malicious software/links, etc.).
Toxic Behavior The act of presenting toxic behavior towards any person or towards the community. This includes but is not limited to insulting other people or the views that they share, and off-topic posting to share negative comments/opinions.
Ban for 5 days
DGA Policy Violations
DGA Policy Violation Violating any of the written active DGA policies.
DGA Policies
Gang Specific Policies
Varies - see policies for specifics.
Extra Information
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Warns are tracked in your account profile. If you reach three warns on your account you will be banned and you will have to post an appeal.
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