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Post by Romano on Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:10 am

[center]Rule         |                      Name Description               |         Punishment[/center]

Inappropriate Content : Posting something that is unacceptable to the public's eye. | One Point Infraction
Inappropriate Language : Posting language that could insult or offend someone in anyway. | One Point Infraction
Meta-gaming : Posting something that is OOC in an IC Forum or post. | One Point Infraction
Promoting Illegal Activity : Posting content that could be used in an illegal way or simply promoting the illegal content. | Four Point Infraction
Signature Rule Violation : Putting something in your signature that could offend someone or degrading the community. This also applies if your signature is larger than 1000 pixels wide and 600 pixels tall. | One Point Infraction
Spam Continuously : posting something multiple times or posting content like "5char" to quote a message etc -
Clarification: Posting 1-3 words on a thread which isn't productive, or general unconstructive posting (e.g this is my X amount of posts threads) also counts as spam One Point Infraction
Spammed Advertisements Spamming advertisements to benefit yourself, sell, or buy anything. | One Point Infraction
Troll Violation : Posting in a topic that does not, in anyway, promote the continuation of the thread but disrupts it instead. One Point Infraction
Banned Post Violation Posting a ban appeal once it has already been resolved, and closed. | Two Point Infraction
Circumventing a Topic Lock Posting a thread that has already been closed. | Two Point Infraction
Complaint Post Violation : Posting in a complaint that doesn't involve a user directly. | Two Point Infraction
Disrespecting Staff : Insulting an NG Staff Member | Two Point Infraction
Insulting Other Member(s) : Insulting someone or continuously harassing member(s). | Two Point Infraction
Plagiarism : Copying something that someone else wrote to use it for your personal benefit. | Two Point Infraction
Releasing Hitman Names : Releasing a name of a hitman, previous or current hitman | Two Point Infraction
Consequences may also lead to in-game punishments per the Server Rules
Reposting Unauthorized Deleted Material Posting something that has already been deleted; this includes visitor messages and PMs. | Two Point Infraction
Request Post Violation : Posting a request after it has already been processed. | Two Point Infraction
Harassing Staff (Via Forums) : Harassing staff through PMs, visitor messages, or threads. | Three Point Infraction
Disclosing Private Information : Posting something about someone, that is private, without their permission. | Four Point Infraction
Using Alt Accounts to Avoid Punishment : Creating alternative accounts to break forum rules. | Four Point Infraction
Impersonation of an Administrator : Impersonating administrative staff through any way on the forums. | Five Point Infraction
Providing a False Statement : Posting anything that is false; against staff or degrading this community. | Six Point Infraction
Server Advertisement : Advertising any type of community or gaming host other than NG. | Permanent Ban
Ban Evasion : Creating alternative accounts to evade an active ban. | Permanent Ban
Toxic Behavior : The act of presenting toxic behavior towards any person or towards the community. This includes but is not limited to insulting other people or the views that they share, and off-topic posting to share negative comments/opinions.
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