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Post by Romano on Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:32 am

Privately-Run Forums

Hello All,

I suppose now is a good time to mention that any forum that is not owned and hosted by Neon Gaming Roleplay is not officially sanctioned by the community. I understand that it will be impossible to prevent players from making their own forums due to the large number of freeware out there. However, if we do not own and operate them, we cannot provide official support. This goes specifically with faction and gang forums, which seem to be the most common privately ran forums around here.

If factions or gangs choose to have their own forums, they do so knowing that they will be providing their IP address to non-admins. They also do so knowing that in the case of data loss, permissions removal, forum take-downs, and more, that we will be unable to provide official support and that the faction or gang using said forums assumes all responsibility for any damage that may occur to their content and personal information. The admin team in these similar situations may also not be able to take action (such as in-game banning or faction/gang bans) all the time since any of these circumstances, again, would not be taking place on our servers.

The only way to prevent any issues from occurring and receive 100% backing from the admin team is to allow all faction and gang content to be hosted on Next Generation Gaming servers. I hope you understand!

July 30 Addition:

Players who wish to advertise private forums (where it pertains to anything relative to the community, including but not limited to faction and gang forums) that are not hosted on Neon Gaming Roleplay servers must display a notice on the forums that includes the following:

These forums are not officially hosted, supported, nor sanctioned by Next Generation Gaming, LLC. All users who utilize these forums do so at their own risk.

Any attempts to advertise forums without this listing shall be in violation of Server Advertising policies.
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